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For old "milestone" screenshots: click here

Previous versions:

A screenshot showing maximum graphics quality in version 0.3.4 A screenshot showing minimum graphics quality in version 0.3.4
Driving on the banked road Oh oh!
Porsche meets F1 car. Also notice the reflection on the porsche. F1 car on the banked road
Split screen mode, with a Porsche and a Lamborghini Diablo. Take a close look at the reflection on the Porsche. The diablo near the new hotel.
A view where a partially transparent texture is visible, and the snowy landscape behind it. The new menu interface. It's not much better than the previous one, but at least it is in the game window, so fullscreen is no longer a problem.

Current version

Running the Linux binary package in Knoppix 3.3. The graphics quality is reduced to let it run smoothly without 3D hardware acceleration. Again, a new menu interface. Compare it to the 0.5.0 screenshot.