Ultimate Stunts on Mac OS X - install instructions

  1. This is how I did it, there are other ways (namely using frameworks and not Unix libs, or using macports or fink)
  2. You should at least understand a bit what you are doing, I do not claim my instructions are perfect. They should get you started in the right direction however.

Setting up your environment

All the following programs can be built and installed with the following commands on the terminal:
    % cd /path/to/source_file
    % ./configure
    % make
    % sudo make install


The OpenAL framework provided by Apple on OS X 10.4 is too old. Once again maybe 10.5 users will have a more recent one - but anyway Ultimate Stunts's build system was not patched for mac frameworks so building the library Unix style is easiest. This part is currently a little mess, and we're not even building with .ogg support (which means no music) so this will really need to be improved.

Getting the dependencies

Install SDL from source with terminal, do not use the binaries they provide (support for the provided SDL binaries can be added in the future but for now building yourself from terminal is easier as it requires less patching of Ultimate Stunts's build system)

Building ultimate Stunts

    % make

Running Ultimate Stunts

    % ./ultimatestunts/ustunts
enjoy =)